Chili Pepper Face Wash

CapisdermA new product called "Capisderm", made from chili peppers, is said to help eliminate acne. The product, made by SiCap Industries, LLC, a manufacturer of herbal supplements, claims to wipe out acne in a matter of days, without any of the burning sensation people come to expect from chili peppers.

The key ingredient is Capsaicin, naturally found in chili peppers, and known to be a promising acne fighter. According to Capisderm's press release...

Researchers believe it works on two fronts - First the thermal heat action of Capsaicin helps to open pores and increase blood flow to the surface of the skin. Secondly, Capsaicin has powerful antimicrobial properties that help distinguish harmful bacteria that's hiding within the layers of skin. Capsaicin also helps to desensitize sensitive skin by affecting a series of tiny nerves, and in this way it may also be beneficial for relieving chronic topical pain associated with certain circulatory conditions.
The company claims that there are immediate results within the first day or two of use. Most acne conditions will disappear completely within the first week, even with severe cases, and also prevents future outbreaks. The company claims that it will reduce wrinkles.

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