Self-Lifting Toilet Seat

Self-lifting toilet seatDon't you just hate guys who choose to pee in the toilet with the toilet seat down? Then you have wipe off the seat and risk getting some of his pee-pee on you?

Well, a company has now made a self-lifting toilet seat. The "ASC Elite Seat" is designed with a certain "balance" such that when the seat is put down, it will eventually lift itself back up in about 45 seconds. Inside the seat's hinge, are liquid-filled chambers that causes the seat to lift back up after its put down. Hence, the seat is always in an upright position (Yea for us guys!!)

(Hey, this is precisely the reason why toilet seats should be left up. You don't want your hubby or boyfriend getting up in the middle of the night, half-asleep, forgetting to lift the seat, and peeing all over it do you? Well ok!)

The ASC Elite Seat is actually the more affordable consumer-version of the CWS Cleanseat, a self-cleaning toilet seat marketed towards businesses.

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