Teen Driver Tracking System

Teen Driver Tracking SystemDiscrete Wireless, Inc., which makes GPS-based tracking systems for car dealers, announced today of its new GPS-based tracking system for teen-drivers.

Now, parents can track where their teenagers are driving to.

The system works by hiding a GPS-device inside a vehicle. Parents can then log into a secure website to see where that vehicle is travelling to, along with how fast the car is travelling, and what times. Thus, they can tell if junior skipped school during the middle of the day, or if he drove well over the speed limit, or drove to someplace he wasn't supposed to.

The system will also send alerts by text messages or e-mail.

The company said that one teenager actually felt it was a good thing:
"At first I didn't like it, but I soon realized that it gives me a way out of doing things that I really don't want to do. It eliminates peer pressure. I tell my friends that my parents can see everything we do, and everywhere we go in my car, and my friends don't ask anymore."
If you'd like to get the Teen Tracking System, the company has a list of dealers on its press release.

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