Axial Vector™ Engine

Axial Vector EngineThe new "Axial Vector Engine" has 12 cylinders, with 6 "double-ended" pistons. The drive shaft is in the middle, and the cylinders and pistons surround it. The company that makes it "Axial Vection Engine Corporation", identifies this technology as "Barrel-Type Internal Combustion Engine".

There's a lot of technical-speak describing this new concept in engine design. But to sum it, it is much lighter than the traditional combustion engine configurations, allowing for a great power-to-weight ratio. It has 80% fewer moving parts, which greatly reduces friction, and reduces heat. It's also 50% smaller than standard engines.

It will pump out 200 HP at just 2,000 RPMS, and 650 ft-lb torque at just 1,200 RPMS. It has a 373 cubic inch displacement.

The company forsees a wide variety of applications, but notes that this model would be perfect for hybrid vehicles, because of its light-weight.

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