Bubblewrap Candy

Bubblewrap CandyThe old idea of "less is more" is exactly what "Bubblewrap Candy" is all about. It's a chocolate bar filled with air bubbles. The idea is to enjoy the sensation of feeling bubbles collapse in your mouth.

First Aid Candy Company, the maker of Bubblewrap Candy, is launching this product based on the success of Nestle's "Aero" chocolate bar, which is sold exclusively in Britain.

They also have plans to launch an array of other varieties based on the bubble theme...
  • Bubble O's - bite sized Bubblewrap Chocolate

  • Hippity Poppities - Bubblewrap Chocolate easter eggs

  • Bubblewrap Candy Pops - a hard candy lollipop with Bubblewrap Chocolate inside
The First Aid Candy Company appears to have some really cool candy ideas. Among them is "Toilet Roll Candy". Its basically tape candy, rolled up onto a toilet roll dispenser, that you can actually mount to the wall, and replenish with refills.

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