Elvis Presley Rubber Duck

Elvis Presley rubber duck
"You ain't nothin' but a rubber duck,
Squeakin' all the time!"
We're sure that's what thousands of Elvis collectors will be singing when they soak in the tub with their new Elvis Rubber Duck.

The fat and aging bathtub accessory is the latest addition to a long line of celebrity rubber ducks made by Celebriducks™. The attention to detail, such as the facial expression, the rhinestones and the wavy hair, reflects quality that even The Colonel is sure to approve of. It's even fitting that the new Elvis duck launched today being that Elvis' death occurred this month.

All ducks made by Celebriducks are marketed to collectors, but they're also genuine bathtub ducks that love to float on the water and squeak when you squeeze them. Actually, it would have been cool if the Elvis duck said, "Hunka Hunka" instead.

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