GPS-enabled Cell Phone Games

GPS-enabled Cell Phone GamesToday, Boost Mobile announced it has introduced the first GPS-enabled Java™ cell phone games United States. The two games, "Swordfish™" and "Torpedo Bay™", were developed by Blister Entertainment.

The games use the GPS capabilities of most cell phones to determine where your geographic location. Then it creates a virtual playing field across your location.

Swordfish GPS GameIn Swordfish, the object of the game is to catch fish with your rod and reel. The game randomly places fish all over the "map". Using GPS data, a player's position is determined via a fish-finder so they can see where the nearest school of virtual fish is located in relation to their current position. As the player walks around, they can move closer to a school of fish, the faster they walk or run, the faster they get to the fish.

Torpedo Bay GPS GameIn Torpedo Bay, it gets really cool. It uses a technology called "Location Application Platform" (LAP™), creating a multi-player environment. It allows users from multiple carriers and multiple networks to interact within the same gaming environment. Its immerses the players inside a virtual world while protecting their physical locations with PseudoPositioning algorithms.

The object of Torpedo Bay is to pilot your submarine and torpedo enemy ships, and search for more health and ammo. When a player logs into a game, the game determines their GPS position, and then displays a top-down view of a map, using real Navteq mapping data. Your submarine is overlayed on top of a street map, along with enemy ships, ammo deposits and health.

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