HUMMER® Night Vision Scope

Hummer ScopeYour brand new HUMMER H3 won't be complete without the new HUMMER® Scope™.

This night-vision monocular, billed as "real night vision gear", will come in real handy when HUMMER campers have to leave the tent in the middle of night to find a place to wee-wee.

But don't take this new scope lightly. It's serious stuff. It was manufactured by Delft Electronic Products, Inc., the USA arm of Photonis-DEP, the global leader in high-end image tube production.

Photonis-DEP specializes in high-quality night-vision technology, light-sensors, and image-intensifiers. Their stuff is used by the military in applications ranging from night vision systems, weapon sights, and missile detection systems.

If the HUMMER was originally designed for military use, then it stands to reason the HUMMER® Scope™ has to meet the same standards.

"HUMMER has successfully built a strong identity associated with rugged quality and reliability", says Jon Goodwin, President of Delft Electronic Products, Inc. "We are excited that the consumer will finally be able to own a quality piece of real night vision gear".

The HUMMER® Scope™ is available at all HUMMER dealers. No word yet if they will be available online.

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