Mega M&M's

Mega M&M'sMasterfoods USA officially introduced it's "Mega M&M's" candies today. The difference is that these are larger than the standard candies. The plain variety is 65% larger than standard, while the peanut variety is 45% larger.

The concept of huge M&Ms is not totally new. They had come out with the "Ogre-sized M&M's" in response to the Shrek 2 movie. Demand was enormous for the "bigger is better" chocolate confection, that Masterfoods decide to make a permanent thing with the "Mega M&M's".

M&M's launched a pretty cool website to promote their monster variety. It takes you into the M&M's laboratory, where you can watch "M&M experiments gone wrong", and get dossiers on M&M scientists. Fun.

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