ThudGuard Baby Helmets

ThudGuardOne of things I remember when my little brother was born, was me holding him in my arms for the first time, and accidentially dropping him on the floor, head-first, THUD! And mom still has pictures of him with the big goose-egg over his left-eye.

Too bad they didn't have ThudGuards back then.

ThudGuard is the creation of Kelly Forsyth-Gibson, a Scottish mother of three, who came up with the idea after her one-year old daughter fell and bumped her head. She's marketing it as a way to protect a baby's head while it learns to walk.

The new headgear has a "stretchy circumference band" that allows for growth, and is made out of ultra-lightweight foam material to minimize pressure on developing neck muscles. There are also ventilation holes that allow heat to escape.

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