Ultrasonic Music Device Stops Dog Barking

K9 KalmerAh! Music soothes the savage beast.

I suppose that's the philosophy behind this new piece of dog tech. Your dogs will no longer bark, because now they can enjoy sweet music.

The K9 Kalmer plays ultrasonic musical compositions that dogs can hear, but are inaudible to humans. The company that makes it, Variety International Inc., says the music is proprietary, but is designed to soothe your poodle's inner-mongrel. In fact, you might call these melodies the "Top Ten Doggie Hits".

To use the K9 Kalmer, you just turn it on, and let 'er go. By reducing a dog's stress, the music will stop them from barking. The company says that excessive barking should be reduced or eliminate within 3 days.

You can buy one from their website.

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