Choke the Annoying Chicken Doll

Choke the Chicken DollIf you're one of those types with a propensity for choking a chicken, choking on some chicken, or getting a chick in a choke hold, or whatever, then you might need one of these.

The Choke the Annoying Chicken Doll is a stuffed chicken that gets frantic when you choke it's neck. Perfect as a conversation piece in the office cubicle, the Choke the Annoying Chicken Doll is a perfect gift for "Secret Santa" gift exchanges.

When you turn it on, it simply dances on your desk, flapping its wings and singing a tune. But when you choke it's neck, the music stops and the chicken starts choking, kicking its legs, flapping its wings, and gagging for dear life.

Oh, and if you have one of those "smart types" who challenges you on the "which came first, the chicken or the egg" discussion, get him the "Squeezy Chicken Egg" gift.

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