Domino's Pizza Couch

Domino's Steak Fanatic Pizza Couch
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For the pizza-eating-sports-watching-tech-loving-game-playing guy in all of us, Domino's Pizza pays homage with the "Steak Fanatic Pizza Couch".

The new "man couch" boasts the following features...
  • Two Domino's Heat Wave hot bags

  • A mini refrigerator

  • A Coca- Cola beverage cooler

  • Remote control caddy and bottle opener

  • Built-in Xbox with three controllers

  • Built-in MP3 player

  • Built-in XM Radio

  • Built-in NEXTEL cellular phone and a NASCAR headset

  • Built-in DVD player and two flat screen televisions

  • And a megaphone to complain about bad referree calls
The couch can recline back, and the head rests double as paper towel holders. The white cabinet fronts at the bottom of the couch pull out to reveal the Xbox consoles.

The new couch is part of Domino's promotion of its new Steak Fanatic Pizza, which they're billing as the ultimate "man fuel". So naturally, there has to be a "man's couch" to enjoy it on. Domino's conducted a nationwide contest dubbed, "America's Biggest Pizza Fanatic", in which the winner got to sit on the couch with NASCAR Driver Michael Waltrip and enjoy some pizza.

Jamie Hyneman, founder of M5 Industries, and host of "Myth Busters" on the Discovery Channel, built the couch. His company builds props and high-tech wonders for movies, television commercials, and promotions. Check out their website for lots more cool creations.

So how do you go about getting this couch? Well, it's going to be auctioned for charity. But before then, Domino's is shipping the couch to various events to collect celebrity/VIP signatures. Last week they collected signatures from six NASCAR drivers at last week's Rock and Roll 400 Richmond Raceway.

A couple more photos...
Pizza Couch with Michael Waltrip and Contest Winner
Pizza Couch, front view

Thanks Holly Ryan, Domino's Public Relations Manager, for the pics and the particulars.

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