MosQuit the Mosquito Mouse

Mosquito MouseThis little guy, dubbed "MosQuit®" is said to prevent 95% of all mosquito bites from turning into itchy welts, and works successfully on gnats and horseflies too.

It works by applying 51°C of heat (123.8°F) to the bitten area, for a duration of three seconds for kids, or five seconds for adults. This specific temperature is supposed to neutralize the insect venom that causes the human body to produce histamine, the chemical that creates the swelling and itchiness.

Davita, the maker of the MosQuit, says their device should be applied within seconds after receiving a mosquito bite for maximum effect. But since those pesky little blood suckers never notify you after finishing their supper, the MosQuit may not necessarily live up to its billing. However, Davita claims it's still effective on well established welts.

Source: Davita

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