Tofu that Tastes like Human Flesh

HufuHufu is the name of a tofu-based product designed to resemble the taste of human flesh. Billed as the "Healthy Human Flesh Alternative", it's designed to provide connoisseurs of people-parts with a legal way to please their palates.

The Hufu website provides a variety of recipes that originally called for human flesh, but now uses hufu as a replacement.

So what does human flesh taste like? According to the website:
If you've never had human flesh before, think of the taste and texture of beef, except a little sweeter in taste and a little softer in texture. Contrary to popular belief, people do not taste like pork or chicken.
The makers are also planning to create similar products, "Hufu Healthy Hearts" and "Hufu Doctor Lecter's Liver".

Source: Junk Food Blog

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