Concentrated Water - Just Add Water

Hydra Hi-Energy H20Hydra Beverages Inc. has come out with "Concentrated Hi-Energy H20", just add two cap fulls to purified water, and you get high-energy water.

Hydra Beverages doesn't explain what's contained in the concentrate, they only tell you that it contains a proprietary technology that duplicates the natural imprinting of energetic properties onto water, thus making it "structured water".

The company describes electromagnetic frequencies that are created in certain pristine waters flowing in alpine forests. Apparently, these frequencies come from "natural vortex motions" that are created as water flows down streams and rivers.

Somehow, Hydra's Hi-Energy Concentrate adds electromagnetic frequencies to your water. You'll have to read Hydra's full explanation to understand it. But suffice it to say it's not the usual caffeine, guarine, ginseng crap. This is real God stuff.

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