OGO Oxygen Water

OGO Oxygen WaterOGO is much more than just water. It is energy itself. OGO is life.

That's the claim from Ogo USA, Inc. about their new product, OGO Oxygen Water.

The funny looking bottle contains water from the Taunus Mountains (whereever the heck that is), but contains over 200mg of oxygen per liter, about 35 times more oxygen than other products, making it extremely lightweight.

The company goes on to say...
OGO is life force in a bottle, and you'll feel that energy in every part of the OGO experience: your very first taste, its rejuvenating lift, even the aura surrounding its cutting-edge packaging design.
But why stop at just 200mg of oxygen? Why not go for more? How about getting rid of all the water, and just selling clear-plastic bottles of oxygen?

Apparently it's selling like hotcakes in Europe, and is set to take the USA by storm.

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