Racial Tolerance Cigarettes

Tolerance CigarettesTolerance Cigarettes is the newest tobacco product from Heintz van Landewyck, a Luxembourg-based maker of cigarettes. It's marketed to promote a world of friendliness, communication and positive vibes.

I don't have a more specific webpage to refer you, sorry. The manufacturer doesn't have this on their website yet. This info comes from the latest report out of DataMonitor's ProductScan service.

According to Heintz van Landewyck, using the word "tolerance" in a brand of smokes is supposed to send a message of anti-racism, anti-terrorism and encourages different cultures and races to live together peacefully.

As someone who doesn't smoke cigarettes I don't think I'll find them very "tolerable". But I guess the next time someone gives you crap about your Yarmulke, hand him a Tolerance Cigarette.

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