SmartPill Monitors the Length of Your Innards

SmartPillSmartPill Corporation has developed a remote monitoring device in the size and shape of a pill. After swallowing, it works its way from your stomach, through your intestinal tract, and out your anus, all in a period of 24-48 hours.

Today the company announced that their little tummy-trekker will be available on the market this Spring.

The SmartPill captures biomedical data throughout the entire length of the gastrointestinal tract and wirelessly sends it to a small receiver worn on a belt clip. It detects pH levels, temperature, pressure, and elapsed time to help diagnose cases of Gastroparesis, a condition where stomach contractions weaken causing food to sit for several hours.

If you ask me, the company could easily set up a licensing program allowing other companies to develop a laundry list of after-market "add-ons". The folks at X10 Spy Camera could incorporate video feeds, while the folks at Linksys could build 802.11g compatibility, and the folks at John Deere could build a tiny set of tractor wheels. I mean it goes on and on!

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