Voice-Activated Shopping List

SmartShopperA company called SmartShopper, Inc. is developing a device called "SmartShopper", a voice activated shopping list and to-do organizer.

The user presses a button on the unit and says the name of a grocery item they will need on their next visit to the store. It converts it into digital data, and remembers it.

The unit has a LCD and an embedded thermal printer that actually prints the list right out of the unit. The items on the list are printed out according to the categories in the grocery store, so that all frozen items are grouped together, etc. The unit comes with nearly 2,000 grocery items already entered and the user can add their own favorite items or brands.

It also allows users to create an errand list, by saying what tasks they need to complete, and the unit will print them out together.

Sounds like this device is a great way for stores and manufacturers to print out coupons with your shopping list.

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