Water Infused with "Good Intentions"

h2om water with good intentionsMeditation is hard work.

That's why there's a new bottled water for Yoga folks to cool down with. H2Om Water (merging of H2O amd the word "Om") is bottled water infused with the healing energies of music and the spoken word.

According to the company that makes it...
Water exposed to loving words and music showed brilliant, and complex crystallized patterns under the microscope at near freezing temperatures. In contrast, polluted water, or water exposed to negative thoughts and words, formed incomplete, asymmetrical patterns.
Here's how the water gets infused with words and music...

First, the label contains words and pictures designed to energize the water with good vibrations.

Second, after the bottling process, they play sounds and music designed to do more of the same.

Third, when you drink it, you're supposed to think of good things. "Think it while you drink it".
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