Tuning Fork for your Legs

tuning fork for your legsA company called Leminscape Music is offering a tuning fork specifically for hikers who experience muscle cramps.

The Extra Mile Ohm Tuning Fork produces the sound of "Ohm" when struck. You then place the stem of the fork at a certain acupressure point on your body, and it heals tired, cramped, and fatigued leg muscles.

The sound wave created by the fork works like kinetic energy to help clear blockages to the natural energy flow through the body's meridians, while relaxing tight muscles. The Ohm tone is based on the elliptical orbit of the earth, which makes it a grounding, centering and energizing frequency.

I've heard of Ohm tuning forks used to heal bodies in a clinical setting, but this is the first time I've seen it marketed as a hiking device.
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