KISS Fragrance for Men

KISS Fragrance for MenYes, KISS Fragrance for Men.

I have some questions about this.

First, I can't imagine what KISS Fragrance for Men might smell like. I realize it's just a way to sell more stink, but the idea of associating cologne with four sweaty guys with goth makeup doesn't sound sweet.

Two, I can't imagine a guy taking his date home and letting her see a bottle of KISS Fragance for Men in his medicine cabinet. That would give away too much information.

Threee, who the Hell still listens to KISS?

Gene Simmons, the front guy for KISS, thinks it's going to be a hit...
"KISS fragrances have the smell of success for us....and for all the men and women who will wear it. These fragrances hit all the right notes and will top the charts in no time."
Rock on.

Via Signatures Network
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