Doggie Cages for Car Doors

The "BreezeGuard" is effectively a protective cage that mounts into a car door allowing dog passengers to enjoy the breeze in safety.

Sue Stipanovich, who started the business of making BreezeGuards, says the inspiration came when she witnessed a truck in front of her with a dog perched out the window. She was so shocked by this that she couldn't stop thiking about it all day long, but managed to turn her anxiety into productivity by inventing the BreezeGuard.

She writes that she tested a prototype of the BreezeGuard with her own dog Uli, who has always been so frightened to ride in a car. But with the BreezeGuard, she's now a happy little puppy.

For $250.00 you can get one for your car, truck, or SUV. The online order form seems to accept orders for any make and model.

Via PetGadgets.com
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