Dry Air Lice Killer

LousebusterA guy named Dale Clayton invented a new product that kills head lice much more effectively and quickly than medicinal shampoo products.

The machine called the "LouseBuster" blows out dry air, about twice as much air as a typical hair dryer. The dry air sucks the life out of lice causing them to release their grasp of hair strands and fall out. It also kills the eggs too.
The study, involving 169 children in the Salt Lake area, showed the LouseBuster killed 80 percent of hatched lice and 98 percent of eggs on infested children. Enough bugs were killed to prevent remaining lice from breeding ...
Clayton had been researching the effects of lice on birds in England. When he moved to Salt Lake City, his research became difficult because the dry air killed the lice. That's when the idea finally dawned on him.

Instead of schools sending infected kids home for quarantine, a kid can go to the front office and get cured in 30 minutes.

Via CNN Health
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