Wind Power Cards

wind power cardsA company called Renewable Choice Energy announced that it sold the first ever "Wind Power Card" today at a Whole Foods Market in Boulder, CO.

Renewable Choice Energy is an energy broker, similar to Enron, but focuses on electricity generated from windmill farms. They effectively sell "renewable energy credits" to businesses. With the Wind Power Card, they can now sell credits to consumers through grocery stores like Whole Foods Market.

When you buy a card, you don't get any wind-generated electricity delivered to your home however. In fact, all you get is a card that doubles as a refrigerator magnet. Actually, you don't even get any credits, it's just a word they use to give you a sense of getting something from your money. The money you spend goes towards helping Renewable Choice Energy buy and sell electricity.

The cards are not even an investment, because you won't get any material value in return. It's all going to help another company get rich. Most companies seek investors to secure capital. But in this case, RCE is asking people for free money under the context of doing your part to help the environment.


Via Reuters
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