Zilopop - Stainless Steel Lollipop

ZilopopThe Zilopop is marketed as a breath freshener, in the form of a stainless steel lollipop.

It's made in Germany and marketed in the USA by Charlotte, NC-based Frieling USA, where it's dubbed, "SmellKiller".

When your saliva touches Zilopop's stainles steel lolly, it activates its "weird science" to neutralize the foul-smelling molecules in your mouth. Here's what the Zilopop website says (via Google Translate)...
After one to two minutes suck, all odors in the mouth removed. Zilopop consists of a very high-quality stainless steel, the property has, in conjunction with moisture to neutralize odors.

By suck at this stainless steel is the breath of food smells clean. The stainless steel zilopos is tested and safe.
Visit Zilopop online at...
Health 8859787046405353582

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