A Truly Clean Towel Everytime

True Clean Towel solves that old problem of "which end of the towel did I dry my ass with?"

When you step out of the shower, and reach for that towel to dry yourself off, you don't often remember which end of the towel you used yesterday to dry your butt with. So you just end up drying off your face with something that you might consider unsanitary.

True CLean Towel
It basically allows you to reuse your towels for several days, while saving money and water on laundry, but with the peace of mind knowing which end you can use for "up there" and "down there".

But it's also a pretty good towel in its own right, made of 100% Jacquard Double Spun Cotton, measuring 5 feet tall x 2.5 feet wide, with the design woven into the fabric for maximum softness and durability.

Buy online at: http://truecleantowel.com/
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