Phantom Frames - LED Bicycle Frames

phantom frames bicycle
Dubbed "the brightest idea in kid's bicycles", Phantom Frames is a new line of kids bicycles where the frame itself lights up with LEDs at night.

The idea came when a kid complained about the taillight going out on his bicycle.  The dad tries to fix it.  The kid say, "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if the whole bike lights up?"

That got the dad thinking.

Next thing you know, he's hard at work inventing such a bicycle.

Phantom Frames is based on a 16 inch machined polycarbonate frame and two customized light pipe inserts, each powered by four AAA batteries.

The project is still in Kickstarter Funding.  Go there right now and pledge $125.00 to $165.00 and you'll get one of these for your kids next year...

Source:  http://www.phantomframes.com/
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